Talent Assessment

Personality insights to predict on-job success

Sierra Next can support you in screening leadership candidates and assessing leadership potential of your internal talent.

Selection Debrief

Selection Debrief is a service to support decision making around senior leadership level/ critical hiring in organisations.

  • An experienced Certified Talent Management Consultant reviews candidates’ Assessment results in the context of the role description & success factors and prepares an Executive Summary of candidate strengths, challenges, and areas to probe during an interview
  • Includes confidential 1-1 review of the candidate Hogan Assessment Results and Executive Summary with the Hiring Manager / HR Director.
  • Positive job fit, Negative job fit and culture fit are highlighted in the discussion

Talent Profiling

We provide easy-to-implement and time-efficient solution to help you assess leadership potential and plan for succession. Psychometric Assessments combined with BEIs, 360 feedback and Manager interviews can provide a robust, reliable, and valid way to assess leadership potential and plan for succession.

  • Results from the Hogan Assessments, 360 feedback, Manager interview and 1-1 Behavioural Event Interview with the leader are integrated
  • Summary developmental report is prepared. Assessment results are reviewed with key sponsors (CEO/Business Leader/HR Leader)
  • Confidential, 1-1 feedback session is held with the participant