Leadership Development


Leadership Programmes


We offer a number of 1 and 2 days leadership development workshops that can be offered stand-alone or as a "value-add" to your existing leadership development curriculum.

EQ Workshop (2 days)

This is a 2-day workshop targeted for mid-senior level leaders for whom Emotional Quotient is a major determinant of effectiveness.

  • Hogan EQ report is used to create insights into current level of EQ.
  • Through two-days of interactive sessions, reflective exercises, and hands-on practice, participants get a deeper insight on how to improve their EQ .

First Time Manager (2 days)

This is an interactive class-room training for first time managers transitioning in to a managerial role

  • Hogan Management Focus Report is generated for the participants and  insights into strengths and developmental opportunities  as a manager are highlihted
  • Case studies, concepts and frameworks are  used to reinforce the shift from "doing the work" to "getting the work don through others”.
  • Primary skills of giving feedback and having a coaching conversation are   introduced.

Coaching Skills for Managers (1 day)

A highly effective, interactive, classroom training targeted for mid-level leaders who are typically managing managers or senior talent, where coaching skills are important for driving high performance.

  • Focus is on driving the mindshift from "managing" to "coaching".
  • A lot of practice  using the GROW Model of coaching with emphasis on situational leadership helps in laying strong foundations of coaching skills, that can be easily transferred back to work.

Leadership Judgment and Decision Making (1 day)

An interactive work-shop for senior leaders focusing on creating strategic insights into their decision and judgment biases andhow these can get in the way of their effectiveness as a leader.

  • Hogan Judgment Report will anchor this class and will be used to get an objective assessment of a leader's decision making style and judgment biases.
  • Workshop will focus on interpretation of the results and converting these into actionable insights

Influence Edge (1 day)

Influencing without authority is a key leadership challenge. We offer a proven solution based on a simple model of Pull-Push-and Pull-Push Strategies for Influence. This is a licensed program from Alan Vengel that Sierra Next offers in India.

  • Participants learn simple models and behaviors for influencing
They practice these skills using real-world influencing situations