Hogan Team Profiling

We create powerful insights for effective team functioning using the Hogan Assessments. Hogan Assessment results of the team are analyzed to show team strengths and development areas.These insights anchor on-going team development.

  • Team personality profiles are shared in an open and interactive group workshop
  • Teams are coached to build robust action plans to leverage strengths and address developmental areas.

"Top-Team" Coaching

Leadership teams engage us beyond the team profile review to work with them over a period of time to help them convert the action plans into reality. Our team coaching supports teams and individual leaders within the team on a 6 month journey of self and team transformation.

  • Typically a 6-month journey
  • Hogan Assessments help create personality based insights. Team effectiveness assessment can also be added
  • Through 1-1 and team coaching, teams are supported along their journey to become a high-performing team, or whatever the team has defined as the desired team developmental goal