Coaching and Feedback

Coaching for Leadership Development

Sierra Next provides coaching and feedback services to interpret Hogan Assessment results and convert them into powerful insights for leadership development.

Hogan Feedback Coaching

Hogan Assessment solutions provide personality insights for development. Most value is derived when the results are interpreted in a confidential 1-1 feedback coaching session with an experienced, Hogan Certified coach. Focus is on building strategic self-awareness. The feedback coach reviews the bright side and dark side personality characteristics, and key motivators, and how these are impacting or likely to impact the participant's workplace effectiveness and career progression.

  • This is typically a 60 minute session over the phone
  • Face -to-face Feedback Coaching sessions can be scheduled when a large cohort of participants has completed the Hogan Assessments and are co-located

Development Planning & Coaching

Hogan Assessments supported by Feedback, Development Planning and Coaching session can be used to help employees reach short and long-term career goals, as well as improve current job performance.

  • First session is a feedback coaching session for Hogan Assessment results
  • Second session focuses on creating a targeted Individual Development Plan. This typically includes Manager of the person being coached
  • Subsequent coaching sessions are set at certain intervals (e.g., 3 month mark, 6 month mark, &/or 12 month mark)to check progress against development goals and discuss results.Number and frequency of sessions depends on client need