Each obstacle conquered is a mountain scaled. It is transformative and puts us on a vantage point with an even larger vision. Each inner victory gives confidence to further our possibilities. This self-awareness is like standing on a peak looking at the next mountain range – seeing it not as an obstacle but instead an invitation to challenge ourselves further. In Spanish a mountain range is called Sierra.

We are Sierra Next…

Sierra Next is a Human Resource consulting firm that focuses on Leadership Development, Talent Assessment and Coaching.

We leverage the Science of Personality to:

  • Help companies assess and develop their leadership talent
  • Help leaders build strategic self-awareness and hone their leadership capabilities
  • Help decision makers understand their decision biases and improve their judgment
  • Help leadership teams become stronger, high performing teams

As the Distributors of Hogan Assessments, we train and certify professionals to interpret and integrate the powerful Science of Personality for talent management and leadership development in their own organizations.


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Hogan Assessments

Hogan LogoSierra Next represents Hogan Assessment Systems in India.

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Sierra Next focuses on Leadership Development, Talent Assessment and Coaching. Click on links below to know more about our services.